Discover the nominees for the Best Sponsorship Activation

Brussels Ketjep – The MAUVE Sauce: Brussels Ketjep & RSC Anderlecht

A small sponsor of RSC Anderlecht, Brussels Ketjep and the club launched a unique sauce with true purple colours. The MAUVE sauce. The objectives for both brands were clear from the start. Brussels Ketjep could team up with one of the biggest sports brands in Belgium with over a million followers on social media and reaching both parts of the country.

Ethias – Hotel Mama by Ethias

To become more top of mind with a younger, Flemish target group, Ethias was looking for an original activation before and after the Pukkelpop music festival. With the youth platform Start Life by Ethias and specific products for young people such as the Ethias Starter Pack and Ethias Young Drivers, Ethias helps young people who leave the parental nest stand on their own two feet. Hotel Mama by Ethias was a stand where festivalgoers could have their dirty shirts washed and receive an original T-shirt from the talented hand of comic queen Niet Nu Laura. Pukkelpoppers were also able to relax in the upstairs lounge where festival-goers were spoiled with a foot bath, face masks, cookies … and of course a pleasant chat with the Ethias mums.

ING – Re-Charge Your Senses At Tomorrowland With ING

Recharge Yourself’ is a unique ASMR festival experience created by ING Belgium and ING Netherlands. ASMR is a phenomenon which creates a specific and inexplicable feeling that starts in the back of your head and runs entirely through your spine into your limbs. ING has a long history of forming partnerships with leading summer music festivals in Belgium and wanted to continue to stand out.

Stop Darmkanker & AG Insurance – Juwelen Met Een Grote Boodschaps

The activist group “Stop Colon Cancer” was founded in 2010 by Dr Luc Colemont. Since then, the organisation has laboured tirelessly to raise awareness of colon cancer and make it better known to the general public.  “Sharing knowledge can save lives” is the leitmotif. Early detection – by taking a simple screening test of the stool – significantly reduces the number of fatalities.

To spread this message, all kinds of traditional and less traditional communication channels have been used to stop this silent killer. Stop Colon Cancer is always looking for new, alternative means of communication and event/activation opportunities to get the word out to as many people as possible about this not-so-obvious subject. A clever example of this out-of-the-box approach is the open air exhibition “Golden Droppings”. A project that came about through a partnership between four parties: Stop Colon Cancer, jewellery designer Danielle Goffa, AG Insurance and the Antwerp Zoo. The fascination with animal droppings – the variety of shapes and colours – was a huge source of inspiration for Danielle Goffa, so much that she wanted to express the same ideas in jewellery form. This is how the connection with Stop Colon Cancer began to take shape. Faeces samples from 19 different animals and one colon cancer patient inspired the design of this exceptional collection.