Discover the nominees for the Best Sponsorship by Sponsorium

Belfius – Belfius EuroHockey Championships

From its unique position as a public bank, in 2019 Belfius opted for a new sponsorship strategy. For this they received the “Coup de Coeur” trophy at the Belgian Sponsorship Awards in 2019. Whereas in the past the main focus was on local small sponsorships, a number of large-scale, long-term and in-depth projects were chosen. Central to this was the 7-year partnership with the Royal Belgian Hockey Association that was set up based on the following objectives and themes:

  • Highlight their support as a public company to the Belgian economy and society.
  • An inclusive project involving all groups (youth, women & G-hockey).
  • Build an emotional relationship with the Belgian public based on a proud national feeling.

ENGIE Electrabel & S.M.A.K. Museum – S.M.A.K. Moves

As a leading player in energy transition and as a responsible and locally anchored company, ENGIE Electrabel supports environmental and social partnerships in Belgium.

One of the most important elements of this cooperation is the integration of disadvantaged young people through sport, education and culture.

The collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, S.M.A.K. in Ghent, had a strong social dimension right from the start.

Loterie Nationale – Lotto Art

LOTTO branded its 11 entertainment partner venues by offering Belgian street artists the opportunity to challenge themselves through the “Lotto Art” competition and having the chance to decorate an entire wall of these high footfall locations.

The work had to respect at least two criteria: to guarantee a link with the music and to integrate an element representing the city where the venue is located as well as the Lotto Art logo.