BSA is an initiative of Golazo Consulting, with its registered offices at Radiatorenstraat 23, 1800 Vilvoorde. Golazo Consulting is the sole organiser and rights holder for BSA.

The entry can be completed by the sponsor, rights holder/ governing body or associated agency. However, the applicant must make all parties aware of the entry and all should agree that the entry is a true reflection of the sponsorship. Contact details for each party should be supplied. The parties should agree upon the correct title and reference for the sponsorship project.

All applicants must be based or have offices in Belgium, and all projects submitted must reflect principal activity in Belgium. The major part of a sponsorship project entered must have taken place between September 2022 and October 2023.

Previous BSA winners are not permitted to re-enter the same project in any subsequent year.

Entries may be completed in English, French or Dutch. For entries to be valid, payment must reach Golazo Consulting by the entry closing date (30th September 2023).

Entries will be judged solely on the information given in the entry form, the permitted supporting material, and the presentation to the jury only when the case is nominated by the jury. The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Entrants may be contacted by the jury should the jury wish for more information or clarification on the content of the entry form.

Applicants shall ensure that necessary consents and clearances are secured in relation to logos, trademarks, images, audio-visual material and any other material and information supplied to BSA for use at the Awards and in publicity materials produced in relation to the BSA. They shall further ensure that the use of any such material and information shall not in any way be unlawful or contrary to applicable regulations. Golazo Consulting shall not be responsible for clearance, and the applicant shall indemnify Golazo Consulting, and its directors, officers and suppliers and the BSA Jury members against any and all loss, damage, liability and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs) arising from any failure to comply with this.

Nominated applicants agree to appoint a representative(s) to present their case at the Awards in Brussels on November 30th, 2023. For each case entry the applicant receives one free entry ticket for the SponsorLive Conference and Awards. Additional attendances are at the applicants’ own cost and expense.

Applicants shall ensure that, with the exception of confidential financial details, Golazo Consulting may use all information contained within the entry form for publicity and promotional purposes of any nature – including as part of future case-studies or as examples of best practice in training and education events, whether before, during, or after the Awards, without any need for further clearance or approval, and that all moral rights in such material are waived.

It is a condition of entry that photos of winning applicants’ representatives may be used by Golazo Consulting for press and publicity purposes in connection with the Awards. Applicants shall ensure that their representatives consent to this.

Golazo Consulting reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Awards at any stage. In the event of such cancellation, entry fees received will be fully refunded. Golazo Consulting shall not be liable in respect of any additional costs or consequential losses incurred by applicants as the result of such a cancellation or postponement. All enquiries regarding the rules and procedure for entry should be directed by email to Simon Van Kerckhoven, Golazo Consulting,